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About us

Our founders, Tiffany & Sarah started Flow & Co. Pilates with the sole purpose to share their love of health and wellness, between them they have over 28 years of experience within the fitness industry, this has allowed them to explore many areas. Through all these years of learning and listening to our clients, they felt it wasn’t just about the “fitness” it’s about helping clients feel happy from the inside out, a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

The stars aligned for us and we knew this was a place we wanted to create for our community, to feel connected to themselves, practice self-love , relieve stress, as well as enjoying being in this space while they challenge not only their bodies but also their minds.

Our Team

Tiffany White & Sarah Rykers



Meet Mia

Mia found her love of Pilates after her first class 4 years ago and has never looked back. 

Mia has been a member of Flow since we opened our doors and recently qualified as an instructor and is now so excited to be teaching at Flow & Co, and to be able to share her love of pilates with the Flow community. 

If Mia isn’t at Pilates or playing netball, you can find her spending her spare time near the beach, outside exploring or with her family & friends.

Studio Manager | Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Alicia has a passion for Health, Fitness & Fun having studied Exercise and Sports Science at university, followed by a Masters degree (submitted whilst 36 weeks pregnant with her first). Since having her 2 beautiful daughters, she has worked as a preschool dance teacher - she really is just a big kid at heart!

She wants everyone to feel empowered from Pilates as she did which inspired her to go on and study it herself. Her aim is for all her clients to feel included, supported, challenged but most of all feeling their absolute best - physically AND mentally.
When she isn't teaching, she'll be doing 'mum life', running the family business, drinking coffee (or wine!) and waterskiing with her water obsessed family.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor

With a background as a PT and Myotherapist Ash studied to become a Pilates Instructor to help her clients in the clinic and fell in love with both Mat and Reformer!

With a passion to facilitate movement for every BODY in every phase of life, she believes that simple can be very effective and loves to challenge the body and mind in my classes. 
When she's not teaching you’ll find Ash in the clinic or doing anything outdoors with her hubby and new bubba Blake. 

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Brendon is an experienced Pilates instructor with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Brendon places an emphasis on breath and foundational Pilates movements with a keen eye for form and aligned movements.

Brendon provides a safe space for anyone and anybody to participate in Pilates!

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


After years of on and off weight training and running I found Pilates and fell in love. I became more consistent with my workout routine and saw amazing results with my strength, mindset, and discipline. 

It changed my life and I decided I wanted to share that experience with others so I completed my Pilates certification with unite health. 

I can’t wait to form connections with you all and help you fall in love with Pilates as well. 

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Coby has been immersed in the fitness industry since 2007, dedicating years to helping individuals discover the power of exercise. She has found Pilates is about longevity, providing all the benefits of exercise without the impact on the body.

She hopes her clients can escape the world for the time they spend with her, having a fun, feel good experience, with the added bonus of getting stronger in both mind and body.

Beyond the studio, Coby enjoys spending time with her husband and three cherubs, or heading away with friends…. Camping, singing out of tune and dancing like nobody’s watching.


Rewinding to 2021 I participated in my first ever pilates class at Flow. I adored the experience of going to pilates, loved how it made me feel inside out and the sense of community. This sparked an interest in becoming an instructor and it was the most amazing decision I’ve made.

I always feel so fulfilled knowing that I have helped people move their body and find gratitude towards themselves. Everyone deserves 50 minutes out of their day just for them and the fact that people share this time with me is so beautiful, I feel very blessed.

In my classes you can expect a fun full body workout, a banging playlist, some laughs and for you to surprise yourself with your abilities! I believe that everyone is capable of more than they think, I can’t wait for you to discover this! Outside of teaching you may find me in classes for my own practice, going on a walk, swimming at the beach, trying new cafes and spending time with my friends and loved ones.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Emma has forever been passionate for health and fitness. So when Pilates came into her life it was love at first crouching tiger.

If Emma isn’t in the studio instructing or challenging herself on a reformer bed, she’s home wrangling her three beautiful children. Emma loves nothing more than a workout and fabulous coffee in the morning, or spicy cocktail and wine at night.

“The Flow community makes me smile, I am truly blessed to be part of the team.”

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Being a dancer for 15 years, I was looking for something that complimented my training experience and immediately fell in love with pilates. 

I love the mind-body connection it has brought me, along with a new range of strength and mobility that has made my body feel amazing. I decided to complete a diploma of clinical pilates profession with National Pilates Training where I have expanded my knowledge of the body in many ways, helping people not only achieve a 50 minute pilates class but a more able body to carry them through their everyday life. 

I cannot wait to share this with the community and bring the same joy of pilates to everyone that it has for me.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


After starting pilates at Flow, I fell in love with the way it made my mind & body feel. 

Growing up as a gymnast, it has been instilled in me since a young age the importance to prioritise my health and wellness. The mind and body connection required in gymnastics has transferred to my own training as an instructor and in my own practice. 

As a pilates instructor I strive to create a safe space for myself & clients, one that people can feel they can come and have that 50 minutes a day to prioritise themselves. I love leaving a class feeling like I have moved my body in a safe and healthy way, that also pushes my comfort zones & that is what I want to be able to bring into my own classes. 

Outside of pilates you will find me teaching my other passion - gymnastics, spending time with friends and family & snuggling with my cat Jimmy. 

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


For many years Pilates has kept me grounded amongst life’s challenges, I absolutely love the positive impact it’s made on my mind, body & soul.

In my classes, I hope to create a space that brings out the best in everyone and safely empower people to know they can do anything they set their mind to. Let’s embrace the booty burn, enjoy some good music and have some fun.

Beyond the studio, I love spending quality time with my husband and our little golden retriever, Honey. As well as enjoy plenty of food and lots of laughs with our family & friends.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


I fell in love with Pilates the first time I tried it here at Flow and Co. I have alway had a great love for health and fitness, for both the mind and body, but it wasn’t until I found pilates that I felt the two intertwine so harmoniously.

I aligned with Flow and Co’s values of viewing Pilates as a holistic approach to health and well-being and quickly knew that I wanted to help empower others through teaching pilates. 
I am passionate about creating a safe space for my clients to move their bodies and empower their minds, working towards a place of gratitude, self love and acceptance of oneself and others.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Karen has always had a passion for health and fitness, however it wasn’t until she started Pilates that she truly found something that she genuinely loved and enjoyed. Karen loves to inspire, challenge and watch people grow stronger and fitter. 

Karen is a busy mum of three beautiful children. She knows how hard it is juggling life and kids and how important exercise is for the mental & physical health of busy mums.

Karen is looking forward to teaching and sharing her passion to all those a part of the Flow & Co community.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


When I found Pilates, movement became more than physical, more than a task to change your body’s appearance. Rather it became soulful, a place to surrender, flow and grow.

That is what I am here to do. Support you in achieving your goals (promising to get you sweaty and stronger), but also, I am here to cultivate an inspiring space. A space whereby self love, appreciation and empowerment is embraced, and in that studio - together as a team - is ultimately strengthened.

Out of the studio, you will find me studying for my psychology degree, spending quality time with friends and family, journalling or - your best bet - at the beach 

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


I have always had a passion for all things health and fitness. From being a runner for 11 years, I decided to try pilates for a different challenge and immediately fell in love. 

As a pilates instructor I am focused on allowing individuals to become the best versions of themselves and creating a safe and comfortable environment to do so. When in my classes we never take ourselves too seriously, have a laugh, have a boogie because those 50 minutes are all about you. 

When I'm not teaching you’ll catch me grabbing frozen yogurt with my friends or going on some sort of adventure.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


I fell in love with pilates nearly two years ago when my sister dragged me to our first class. Like many, I was obsessed ever since, not only for the movement but the way it made my mind and body feel. 

After a few years of lost motivation and uncertainty of what I wanted in life, I decided why not make my happy place a workplace. 

In my classes I want all clients to see it as a safe space where you can come for 50 mins and forget the outside world. I want to challenge you and have you leaving feeling accomplished although I also want you to enjoy the time spent in the studio. 

Outside of pilates you’ll find me spending time with my amazing partner and family, my two pups or sipping cocktails with the girls hehe! 

Can't wait to see all your gorgeous faces in class!

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


I’ve always had a massive amount of love for all things health and wellness related. I truly take so much pride in looking after my body and over all health. I fell in love with Pilates from the moment I tried it, and realised I’d be crazy if I didn’t do what I love in life. 

I pride myself on making sure all my members leave my class feeling confident, and accomplished whiles knowing it’s always a safe space to come and workout.

You can always guarantee to leave class with the sweats and a sore body (the good kind of sore).

In my spare time you’ll most likely always see me around my family & friends, at the gym/ Pilates or being the shopaholic I am, spending my money on clothes I don’t need 


Meet Shiloh

I fell in love with Pilates and the way it improved my mental health and knew very quickly I wanted to help facilitate that in others. 

My main aim is to install confidence in members that they can do the hard things. 
The best part of teaching is to see the face people make when they are proud of themselves. 

I love a dance, I love pumping the tunes nice and loud, I want to create a space where you can let loose and have fun.

Come to my class expecting to have really sore abs for the next few days, if you don’t, I haven’t done my job. 

When I’m not teaching you will find me at the beach, always.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Soph developed a passion for Pilates after becoming a mother and seeking some 'me time.' 
After six years, she decided to become a certified Pilates instructor to share the positive impact it had on her life with others.

 She values how Pilates makes her both physically and mentally strong, believing that movement should be enjoyable and empowering. 

Her goal is for clients to leave her classes feeling great, a bit sore, and with a smile on their face. 

When she's not teaching, Soph works as a Marketing Manager for a radio station, and a devoted mother to her daughter Skyla. 
She loves to savor coffee in the morning and wind down with a wine in the evening.

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


I fell in love with Pilates as soon as I started going to classes at Flow & Co, the community there is absolutely amazing . Pilates is a different kind of exercise that I absolutely love simply because of the dynamic full body workout you receive in every class. I can just show up to a class without having to think, I just oblige to the instructors instructions!

After deferring my university degree I wanted to do something meaningful in my life, I decided to turn my love for Pilates into a job I am just so passionate about. Showing up to a place I would barely even call work to teach some amazing clients in the most beautiful studios is just a dream come true!! 

My goal in each class is to leave you feeling accomplished with what you have achieved throughout it, pushing yourselves to your limits each and every time. If you aren’t feeling a little bit tender in those muscles the day after a Pilates class you haven’t worked hard enough!

In my spare time you will find me in the studio getting to as many classes as I can, taking my dog for a walk or just spending as much time as I can with family and friends. 

Reformer and Hot Mat Pilates Instructor


Extending my teaching passion beyond school classrooms, Pilates is where I discovered empowerment through movement for both the body and mind. 

In my classes, the aim is to foster a positive space that imparts the same sense of empowerment. I take immense joy in bringing smiles and strength to others, all while collectively embracing the journey of burns, shakes and sweats (all the good stuff)! 

Outside of Pilates, you’ll find me with a coffee in hand, walking my pug Frank and exploring new food places in true foodie fashion. 

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